Key Details

Duration: 2 Days
Delivery: Inhouse


Fundamentals of Financial Services is an important first step in developing the essential basic knowledge required for working in financial services. You will learn about the professional sector and commonly used financial products, such as shares, bonds and insurance and it will provide you with an understanding of financial terminology.

Who is this for?

This foundation-level qualification is ideally suited to new or junior employees working in financial services. It is also appropriate for school leavers who are considering a career in finance.

Ethics and Integrity in Financial Services

Introduction - saving and borrowing

  • Savers/Borrowers






Other Areas of Financial Services

  • Fund Management
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Planning

Our classroom training is delivered in-house and can be tailored to your Firm's requirements and the ability of the audience preparing for CISI exams.

Face to face training
Our recommended approach includes face to face training with one of our CISI expert trainers who will guide participants through the syllabus in a structured, engaging and interactive manner.

Practice tests and mock exams
Our face to face training days commence with a ‘kick-off’ test, testing the participants on their existing capabilities, and finish with a ‘progress’ test assessing their progress on the days topics.

As part of our in-house CISI study programmes, participants have access to chapter by chapter practice questions and a mock exam that simulates the real CISI examination.

These tools provide valuable feedback and monitoring to track the participants’ performance throughout the study programme and are vital in effectively preparing participants for success in their CISI exam.