This module provides an introduction to best practice in relation to Whistleblowing internationally. It defines what Whistleblowing is and provides a number of key examples of Whistleblowing events. Best practices outlined include considerations of the public interest, internal and external reporting channels and confidentiality. The practical steps that would need to be taken in a Whistleblowing situation are also detailed. Additionally, the module outlines the general importance of ‘speaking out’ and distinguishes Whistleblowing events from other grievances and complaints.

Course Details

  • What is (and is not) considered to be Whistleblowing
  • Examples of Whistleblowing events
  • Best practice in relation to Whistleblowing
    • What should be reported
    • Internal and external channels
    • Confidentiality
  • Whistleblowing versus other forms of grievance and complaints
  • The appropriate actions to take in a Whistleblowing situation

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