Tailored virtual courses - live and on demand

For companies looking to train multiple people within their firm, working in multiple remote locations, virtual training delivery is the perfect solution. We can tailor courses specifically for your firm’s requirements and deliver the training at a time that is convenient for you and your team.

Live virtual training courses

Our virtual training courses can be easily accessed via your computer, wherever you are.

Our live video tutorials use a range of online tools and features to help ensure your staff receive a truly engaging and interactive training experience.

Post-course access to the recorded training course

All clients will be sent a recording of the live course, which can be made available to staff who were unable to attend the live training course.

On-going Q&A

Following the training, participants will have access to a Q&A facility allowing them to ask questions relating to the course, with answers provided by our GRC trainer faculty.

How does it work?

It’s simple - you agree a date and time with your CCL Academy relationship manager and we will send you and your staff a “virtual training invite”. All course participants will receive a reminder 24 hours before the course and on the day of the course they click on a link to join the training course.

Each live video tutorial includes the use of:

  • Virtual ‘break-out’ rooms: participants are divided into virtual rooms, to facilitate small group discussion.
  • Polling: multiple-choice questions, answered anonymously, allow the trainer to assess knowledge and understanding across the group.
  • Case studies: true to life case studies and scenarios are used to explore practical application of theoretical knowledge.
  • Messaging: participants are able to submit questions, either to the whole group or privately to the trainer.

Why virtual training courses?

  • No geographic restriction – participants can access anywhere they have internet access
  • Participants will automatically have access to the recorded course which can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Ideal for awareness-based training and briefings
  • Can act as a great morale booster and team building exercise for staff working remotely

What courses can be delivered virtually?

Almost all of our programmes can be delivered via video tutorial and in addition, we can tailor these courses to your precise requirements.

Next steps

Whether you know exactly what you want your course to cover, or if you just have a subject in mind, we can help.

Contact our client services team and together with our subject matter experts they will work with you to create a course that is perfect for your firm. 

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