The DFSA require all Senior Executive Officers, Compliance Officers and MLROs of Authorised Firms to undergo a minimum of 15 hours of mandatory training every 12 months to meet their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Consisting of twelve 1-Hour Video Tutorials (totalling 12 CPD points) and four GRC eLearning modules (totalling 3 CPD points), this programme has been designed for Authorised Individuals of DFSA-regulated firms, covering key regulatory topics, as well as providing 15 CPD points.

Each Video Tutorial is recorded live approximately once a month. Once recorded they will be made available to participants on an 'on-demand' basis through our dedicated CPD learning portal. Participants will have the flexibility of attending sessions 'live' as they take place or at a later date. In addition to the Video Tutorials, participants will be given access to four GRC eLearning modules, each lasting approximately 45 mins.